Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crank, Crank, Crank... Ohhhhh, Bugger!!!!!

Well... Yesterday and today, we focused on getting everything hooked up and connected, and filled up, etc.

Did somebody say somewhere that if you have the back end up, that you can only get less than 1.4Ltr of oil in the gearbox!!!!! Well... Yep... we only got about 1.4ltr in, and we assumed because the back end is on ramps. Need to investigate this later.

Anyway... Coolant filled up, only got about 10Ltr in there, and oil is filled up, checked all connectors and grounding... Yep....

Connected the battery, and she cranks alright... but she ain't firing up... Arrrgh! (Well, what was I expecting!!!!!)

We started fault finding various parts, and we discovered that the injectors aren't firing... there is fuel, there is spark, but injectors staying mute... :-/

Well... Injectors have 2x wiring coming to it... 1 going to constant 12v when IGN is on, and the other from the ECU to fire the injectors... well, the ECU wire is OK and has connectivity all the way from the ECU to the Injector, and there is a 12V when IGN is on!!!! Why are they Mute!!!! Don't they know who is boss!!!

I hate doing this to you... but stay tuned to find out more... :-D (No, I haven't figured it out yet)

Some pics of the wiring harness we were checking on...
This is the plug in the boot, when closed and each side when opened...
(So.... if you have an idea what the problem could be, please drop me an e-mail... )

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mpot said...

Use a multimeter to measure the voltage drop between the negative battery terminal and the engine block while cranking the engine.
If the voltage drop is too high, it indicates the block isn't earthed properly.

If you've got a multimeter that measures duty cycle, connect it to the injector inputs, to confirm that the ECU is triggering the injectors.