Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a nice Tune... Quad Thottle bodies... :D

Last weekend, we decided to replace the Coolant lines on the AW11... the old stock heater coolant lines, just gave me a bad itch, so I decided to replace them with NEW generic heater lines. That was a bit of a job, and took us a while... If only we had a car Hoist... :D

Anyway... got the hoses replaced, and started filling up the coolant.... ALL 14Litres OF IT... !!!!
Yes, you heard right... ONE-FOUR as in FORTEEN.... It's a lot of coolant, and hence, why I wanted to replace the heater hoses, because I really don't feel like doing it in a hurry again... or for at least another 2 or maybe 3 years.

My old 89 Supra, I used to change it religiously every year... coolant and new thermo. It's a common weakness with the 7MGTE engines, and because of the bad design of the thermo, when it fails, it fails shut, and hence, it blows the head gasket.... of course most people just torque the bejesus out of the head, but that is not a good idea, as will distort and give an uneven surface, which will make things worse. Don't underestimate a 7MGTE engine... they have great potential.

We ran out of time, so we decided to leave it for now, and let the engine cool down... we did get about 10ltr in there so far, but I think the heater hoses aren't filling up, even though we have the heater full bore hot and fan going... but it just ain't getting hot... :-\
Next time....

I had the oportunity to look around for some ideas... Since the BT Airbox doesn't fit into the MR2, I was thinking maybe the 20v ST Airbox could... Hmmmm.... I've spotted one on Ebay and decided to go for that idea. Got it at a good price, so see how it works, and what mods are required to fit a BT engine.

Also had to do some reading up on how to purge the air from the MR2.... Now would be the best time to say that the Haynes Manual is abosulately CRAP!!!!! If you doing this kind of work, do yourself a favour... get the Mr2 BGB from Toyota or download it from the internet.

Anyway.... that is just about it for this time... see how we go on next week-end, or maybe during the week....

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