Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another test drive & Fitting Trim Pieces

Well... Last night, Sean came over, as he was eager to take the MR2 for a test drive... So we both went out and gave it a bit more stick... Both Sean and myself liked the feeling of the engine, although it is in an untuned state.

It is interesting. It definitly isn't a speed machine, but comparing the Supra and the Mr2. Although both these cars can't really be compared, it will give you an idea of what it is like. The Supra, in stock trim performed low 15sec on 1/4 miles (15.0 - 15.3). The MR2 is definitly much faster than the Supra on standard boost & trim. But keep in mind, it is in an untuned state at this stage. I think in a tuned state, it will definitly be going from mid to high 14sec on the 1/4mile... which is good enough for me... :D

The back end feels wobbly... Due to requiring wheel alignment

The engine has a flat spot... around the 2000-2500RPMs... needs a tune

The engine has a hickup... on steady rev, you can occasionally feel a miss-fire... Maybe new plugs will do the trick.

The intake has bad air-pickup (Warm air) and the filter might be a bit restrictive... this will be changed soon.

Sooooo... these are just a few things that need to be investigated... In the mean time, I decided to fit the new trim pieces which I purchased from Toyota... some pics below...

I promised MPOT that I will be bringing the car to the office, so he can have a look, so hopefully, I'll be able to do that this week... ;-)

More updates to follow soon... :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

WhoooooHoooo... She's been completed... Sorta!

WhoooHooooo!!!!!!... Got the MR2 on the road, and today was the first test drive....

But first off... a couple of pics...

Pretty much a 2.5" system, mandrel bent, from extractors onwards... All stainless steel, with a Highflow, 2.5" CAT (Need to keep it legal), and a straight through custom Muffler... I'll let the pics tell the rest... ;-)

OK... Probably by now you want to have some driving impressions... Ok, before I start, first off, she is untuned, and she needs a wheel alignment, as she feels a bit wobbly...

So... How does it compare to my old 16v? It is tremendously different, like chalk and cheese... If you don't give it full stick, she pretty much feels & sounds like the old 16v... but wait until you put your full down... there is a bit of a lag, and then all of a sudden you hear the note change (VVT kicks in) and she starts pulling... I've tried a couple of hard runs from 4000-6000RPMs... and they will come and go in a blink of an eye. Below 4000RPMs she feels a bit more potent than the 16v, but pretty much same characteristics... but wait until you hit the 3000-3500RPMs and then stomp your foot... it thinks for a minute, and then starts pulling hard, all the way to 7500RPMs... I wasn't daring to pull higher.

But taking into consideration that she isn't tuned yet, and in dire need for a wheel alignment (we tried to fit the 20v Drive shaft... :-\), she feels nice and smooth.

There was one moment from the workshop driving to office... she started blowing real smoke... gray smoke, to the point that the car behind me reversed... Initially, I went into panic mode, as I thought she was on fire or something... but then I started checking, and it was coming out the exhaust, so I'm suspecting she was blowing out all the cobwebs from the long standing, and of course the new exhaust.... That was a fright!!!! :-( Mental note: Get a fire estinguisher.

OK... Next thing on the agenda... finish off some of the nigly bits, such as intake system, and clean up some of the cabling (Make it look stock... ;-)... More on that to follow....