Thursday, March 29, 2007

... Spotted 20v Blacktop on Ebay... ;-P

Well... It all started when I was surfing ebay, looking for a particular part that had failed on my MR2... My handbrake had ceised up. I've come across an ebay advert advertising a 20v Blacktop halfcut, and a reasonable price. I contacted the seller, and got a reply... from!!!! They gave me a quote, including freight charges, which were reasonable.

I called around in the Perth area, and just about every quote I got was about $2-$3K more than the complete freighted package I got quoted from JapImports. By now I gotten to know him as Brad@JapImports, and we got to discuss the details of the 1/2 cut. It was dissappointing to hear that it was an Auto version of the 20v Blacktop, and decided against the purchase. But I still asked Brad if he could quote me on a 20v Blacktop with a 5Spd box, and sure enough he did, which came out to be about $400 more...

Brad did find a 1/2 cut with a 5spd, but unfortunetly, it had a failed gearbox, and on my behalf, decided to let it go. (Phew!) He passed on the info, and promptly looked for another, and found one which was in good condition, with about 68KKms on the clock. Of course from there it all lead into the purchase, with a long wait for the arrival of 1/2 cut from... Japan!!!!!

We finalised the deal on the 29/03/07, and I sent through my payment... Brad did give me the option to bail out several times, but I just couldn't... :D ETA was estimated at about 6 weeks.

Voyage of the 1/2 cut to follow soon... (Next Post...)