Monday, March 24, 2008

And some more Minor dismantling....

Well... Finally gotten into squeezing some more hours into further dismantling the 1/2 cut... It's not as easy as it looks... We attempted removal of the drive shafts, with lots of cursing and swearing... They aren't easy to dismantle.

Sean is the one sitting down... trying to figure out how to get the Drive shafts out... I'm standing up... trying to do the same!!!!!!!

We spend quiet a few hours on it, but left it at that... I needed to do some more research into this.

In the mean time, I have managed to purchase some items from the US... these were...
1) Short Shift kit for the AW11 just for fun, while I'm at it.
2) New Engine Mounts Inserts
3) New Shift boot cover, as mine was totally dissintegrating.
4) New Windows Tooth wheel, as mine somehow disintegrated.

All these parts were bought at These guys are awsome, and great to deal with.

For about a few months, I was driving around without the center console, and I was getting sick of it. Hence, why I wanted to get these items, install them, and get the interior back in. And getting my Window (Driver side) fixed... (I like to drive with my window either all the way down or 1/2 way down)

So anyway... got those few little things fixed... And.....
Sean and Myself have finally decided to get serious and get this thing done.... So more activity to follow very soon.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finally gotten some time again to work on the 1/2 cut... Good thing, this time I had Sean to join me with the work... Much more enjoyable, and as they say... 2 heads are better than 1... :-)

We managed to remove more of the 1/2 cut, such as the internal metal mounts, Heater/cooler cores, Intake system (Quad Throttle manifolds... :D) and miscelleneous parts... below are some of the pics...

Wiring harness... As you can see, you have the 3x Plugs which plugs into the ECU... The other 3x plugs will connect up to the body harness.

Quad Throttle setup on the 20v Black top Engine.

After the work was completed... we moved it back into place until next time we had some time to work on it...