Sunday, October 26, 2008

No... Not this week-end... :-(

Week-end of the 19th of Oct... Couldn't get around to doing anything on the Mr2... Had to help out my brother-in-law to pull down my Mum's patio, as it wasn't in very good shape. My Mum had just ordered a new Patio, so we only had this week-end to pull it down.... In the process, my injury got a little infected... So I gave it a rest for this week-end. Decided to paint the Battery bracket that I had the small accident from last week-end.

Week-end of the 26th of Oct... Just when I wanted to work on the Mr2 again, I had to fix up a few things in the house that had just failed... Great... Arrgh! Besides... I much rather wait for Sean to come around...

21st of October... Oh... And by the way... Sean's Wife has give birth to a Healthy Baby Girl, SCARLETT on the 21st of October... Both, Mum & Scarlett are doing well... :-D
Congrats to Mel & Sean...

But... Plans are to work and get the engine prepared to go in next week-end... Soon too follow.

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