Monday, April 12, 2010

Long time no Update...

Wow... It certainly has been a long time since there hasn't been an update... Many things have happened since the last update in my personal life, so yeah, the MR2 took a backseat for a while.
Anyway... As promised, some updates on the MR2... :-)

MR2 has been running for a while now, and on average, I get about 350Km per tank, which is roughly about 8.5Ltr/100 Km, which was a huge improvement over the 10 or 11Ltr/100Km from my previous 4age, but with the added bonus of more power... :D None the less, I still do believe the engine is running too rich as it still has that minor vibration between the 1500-2000Rpms.

Engine runns very nicely, and is well suited to the MR2 from a power to weight ratio, although it is no speed monster. If this engine would have been in the MR2 since day one, it would have been a nice package.

Hopefully, one of these days, I'll be able to sit down with the engine and perform some tunning on it... Basically some of the items I wanted to do...
1) Install the T3 Velocity stacks... But still searching for an adequately priced box for it.
2) Do some minor tunning with TPS adjustment. I have done some more checks a while ago, and one of the readings was way out, so I need to check on this.
3) Adjust some timing on it. At the moment, it set to 10BDC exactly as stated in the manual. But due to our fuel being lower in Octane, I suspect that I might need to give it some timing, something like 12 or 14.

None the less, I was to perform some dyno test before and after, and hopefully, I get some good figures to post up on my site. So stay tuned, as there will be more coming soon...

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