Monday, April 12, 2010

Long time no Update...

Wow... It certainly has been a long time since there hasn't been an update... Many things have happened since the last update in my personal life, so yeah, the MR2 took a backseat for a while.
Anyway... As promised, some updates on the MR2... :-)

MR2 has been running for a while now, and on average, I get about 350Km per tank, which is roughly about 8.5Ltr/100 Km, which was a huge improvement over the 10 or 11Ltr/100Km from my previous 4age, but with the added bonus of more power... :D

Engine runns very nicely, and is well suited to the MR2 from a power to weight ratio, although it is no speed monster. If this engine would have been in the MR2 since day one, it would have been a nice package.

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