Monday, March 9, 2009

Engine Mounts + OverFlow bottle.... + Eng Cert.

Well... After clocking about 250Km on the new engine, I'm rather impressed with it... But the engine mounts are just nagging me way too much. I always end up being a nervous reck by the time I arrive at the destination.

Similar to when I used to have 2x JL 10" Sub in my supra... they didn't last very long, as I'm very sensitive to vibrations, especially when they are not harmonic. IE: Constant drone from Airplane engine is OK, but variable vibration from Subs or engine, just drives me nuts. None the less... a ticking clock or a dripping tap gets me annoyed!!!!! Mistery to me.

Anyway... I found out that the engine mounts for the MR2 are still available from Toyota, as Gary Yates @ Grand Toyota has found and supplied me with a set... Thanks Gary.

I've analysed them, with regards to why so many people who changed to Urethan mounts tore them out from the chassis... and I've come to an interesting conclusion... Because the Drive shaft attachement is off-set from the center and does not line up with the engine mounts, this will give the engine a twisting motion inside the engine bay... When I analysed the front engine mounts, I realised that they are very easy to twist as can be seen in the picture... The side mounts to give much support other than holding the engine in place. With the urethan mounts they don't allow for the twisting... hence, they tear out the engine bolts that hold them in place, due to it's twisting motion.... anyway... check out the pics... one of them, I have the center easly twisted with my thumb....

Also had a chance to re-fit the overflow coolant bottle... I reused the 20v unit for now, but I'm still not quiet happy with it.

Anyway... tomorrow she's going it to get her checked out... Warren at Precision Auto shop... So stay tuned on the outcome of this...

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