Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Engine is FINALLY in the MR2....

This week-end, we finally got the new engine installed. But prior to this we needed to do a few smallish things...

I had to go past Toyota to get a new Drive shaft seal, because, last week-end, when I pulled the drive shafts out from a test fit, I accidentially pulled the small spring that is insite the drive shaft seal... so when inserting and pullng drive shafts, be carefull, as they are spring loaded, and once it's out, you have to replace the whole seal... So anyway... the part number is there, and it's the same seal as the 1998 Toyota Corolla AE98

The next task that was required, was to drain the oil and replace the Oil Pressure sensor on the engine block and the Oil filter... I purchased a new oil pressure sensor from toyota, and got a K&N Oil filter... they come highly recommended...

Please NOTE: To install the oil pressure sensor, you need to purchase a special tool from toyota that has an open-ended hex on an angle to tighten the unit... don't tighten the unit by twisting the top... you won't be able to tighten it enough to create a seal... This tool cost about AUS$200+ from toyota... I decided to make my own from an old bicycle spanner...

OK... Now the engine was ready to be installed into the MR2... Shifted the engine + Gearbox onto a cardboard box sheet, so that when could slide under the MR2 once it's up in the air, without scratching the oil sump... The strap is so that one can pull from one side, while the other person pushes... it worked well.

I'll spare the details of the installation, as it's pretty much the reverse of the engine removal. Once the engine was in the car, and we attempted to install the drive shafts, we very fast realized that it won't fit... We just about tried everything, without success. Hence, we needed to remove the engine brace that sits undernieth the engine and attaches to the gearbox.

Sean actually pointed out a valid point... the 20v engine is in front wheel setup, and hence, a lot more dynamics going on in the front of a corolla, and hence, the requirement... but with the MR2, this might not be required. So anyway... it's common practice to remove it, so that we could use the AW11 Drive shafts. Also, when this piece was removed, the "4AFE" (Not 4AGE, or 7AFE) letter were printed on the inside... that is from a different variant of a corolla!!!!!

With a lot of jigging about, we finally gotten the engine in there... And it sure looks nice in the MR2... :-P

... Drive shafts are in, and front and back engine mounts have been fitted... They look nice... :-)

And, of course, Sean happy with the engine in... We both sure a looking forward to starting the engine... :D
Next week, I'll be going to Sydney, so most probably won't be working on the MR2 when I get back... But the following week-end, we will need to attach coolant lines and fill coolant, fill up oils, attach wiring harness, connect up fuel line, etc... Hopefully, we'll be able to get it started... ;-P

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