Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cleaning..... :-\

Sean and myself decided to do some cleaning today... I've done some last week, but this week, we've decided to do a coolant flush and wash/clean down the engine back to get rid of all the oil.

I started a bit earlier, so I decided to assemble the selector shaft control arms... It came out pretty good. Greased up all the internals of the components. I've also dropped the part once or twice... No, not on purpose!!!!! And the paint is on there pretty strong.

Once Sean got here, we started by moving the car out into the drive way. It's amazing how easy it was to simply push the car out, as it's sooooo light!

First off, we started by flushing the coolant and heating lines, so we got out the long water hose, and simply ran water through the system for about 5-10mins for both systems. Obviously we needed to block and protect the aircon pipes, so that no humidity or water goes into these pipes. A couple of plastic bags and lots of tape... ;-)

After that, we proceed with cleaning the engine bay... Basically used simple washing liquid... I was not too keen on using degreaser, as degreaser could potentially attack the paint... that is what happened last time, and hence. A couple of brushes, and in I went. Without the engine in the car, the backend of the car sits considerably higher... making it more difficult to jump in.

Unfortunetly, my wife wasn't home, so no pictures... :-(

But we ended up taking pictures after all the work has been completed, as dark clouds starting showing, so we called it the day... Finished product for the day... A much nicer and cleaner engine bay... :-)

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