Saturday, January 1, 2000

History of the MR2 AW11

First off... A bit of a background to the MR2 that I currently drive...

This car originally bought by my wife, Beryl, in 1995, when it was about 7 years old. It had 2 previous owners and had considerable low Ks. It was in mint condition, and it was a blast to drive.

During her ownership, I used to drive a 1989 Toyota Supra, which had a modified the engine, and enjoyed racing it... but soon enough, Beryl requested a 4 door passenger car, and rather than selling the MR2, I decided to sell the Supra, and take over the MR2 instead. The MR2 isn't as fast as the Supra, but it sure is a lot more fun to drive... We regularly describe it as a "Licensed Go Kart".
During my ownership, I have been very dissatisfied with the factory 88 Kw that the MR2 produces, and decided to look at alternative engines or possibly Turbo charge the current engine. After doing some maths, I've realised that a decent turbo setup will set me back a minimum of about $4k... Alternative engines are the 20v series engine, the 2zz engines, 3s engines, etc. None-the-less... at the time, a decent 20v Blacktop would set you back about $5-6K. Hence, turbo was considered... but it never eventuated, although I had bought bits and pieces already. (I never got the time)...
Due to the lack in time, I simply performed the regular maintenance, including repairs, etc.
Until..... (Next post ;-)